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About Us
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Our Mission:  To support urban young men between the ages of 18-24 to grow in spirit, mind and body while providing training in construction skills leading to viable career opportunities.

What happens after high school to the young men that won't be going to college?  What are their options?
  • Fast food jobs
  • Hang out on the street
  • Drug sales/use
  • Crime


Partnering with some of Nashville's most outstanding business leaders to develop Y-BUILD.

Y-BUILD is a 12 month career development program like no other.  Our approach is holistic and empowers young men to take responsibility for building their own future.  Students live and work together as they learn practical skills from the best construction professionals in the field.


Participants work with local contractors during the day and develop life skills during the evening.  Each young man attends evening classes on campus in money management (Financial Peace), book club and CDP (Career Development Plan).  Off campus activities involve GED, fitness (YMCA) and academics related to Construction Management. 

All participants are case managed to help them achieve their educational and career goals, to transition toward independent living.



Eric Evans - Campus Life Director
Tim Queener - Director of Training & Administration
Lynn Stewart - Case Manager
J. Lawrence - Visionary and Founder
Eddie Phillips - Former President, Beazer Homes/Phillips Builders & Dreamscape Builders founder

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