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Program Details

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This is how the program works...

  1. Application and pre-orientation
  2. Interview & acceptance (after drug screen)
  3. Team Building (one week)
  4. Construction 111 (one week)
  5. Exploring the Trades/Tools of the Trade
  6. Full Employment

Team Building

On the high ropes!

We believe it is extremely important that participants learn how to work well with others, especially guys they are living with.  We bring in YMCA professionals to lead us in games, activities and challenges to pull us together and teach us how to solve problems.  This component is crucial to our program success.

Construction 111


During this part of the training process, participants split their time between classroom and construction sites.  A few hours are spent in the classroom each day with trainers from Beazer Homes USA, (a consistent Top Ten builder) and then we move out into the field to visit actual construction sites.  Participants are taken through a 5 day crash course on how a house is built; everything from pouring a slab to interior finishes.  These are key activities that will help participants choose which field they want to begin their apprenticeship.

Exploring the Trades/Tools of the Trade


During this phase, participants view specific trades related to home-building and commercial construction.  Some of our site visits would include cabinet shops, truss plants, concrete manufacturing, woodworking, lumber yards, etc.  These visits are important because some guys are not interested in framing houses or plumbing, but want to work in a warehouse type setting related to construction.
Tools of the Trade is simply teaching participants how to use tools...Mitre saws, hand tools, drills, etc. safely.  This has helped us be assured that our guys know the basics.  One of our guys recently started working for a fireplace installation company and he said on the first day he used a router.  He said he was already familiar with it on the job because he had used it in Tools of the Trade!  Another participant said he used a saws-all the first day on an electrical job and he felt good assuring the boss he could use it.

Full Employment

All participants are usually fully employed one month after entering the program.  Our employers generally pay $9-$10 per hour starting out.  Many of our guys receive a raise in less than a year and one of our current guys received a $1.50 hr raise in less than 3 months!


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